Public sex positions

Couples who are open to new experiences can benefit from trying new public sex positions. You never know when the right moment is going to come up, so being prepared with the right knowledge will help a man be ready when the mood strikes. Having sex in public can be better than sex behind closed doors if done right. The added danger of being seen can be a turn on for some couples, enhancing the level of arousal. However, the nature of public sex requires different sex positions due to different environmental factors.

Going on an outing to the mountains or beach does not have to be a platonic affair for a couple. If a couple moments can be stolen away and a secluded place found, then the shared experience can be very romantic. While you might not be planning a sexual adventure in the woods, it can be a good idea to be prepared by carrying all necessary equipment, including a blanket. In these types of settings, you may have the luxury of being hidden, so any position will work and having a blanket means lying down in the weeds can truly happen. But there are other concerns. In a place where there is lots of overgrowth, it may be better to assume different sex positions to avoid getting clothes or a yourself dirty. One semi-missionary position that works for these situations is to get down on your knees and have the woman wrap her legs around you, thus creating a more compact union.


In other situations you might not be able to lie down, so the best sex positions will be different. Having sex while sitting in a chair is a good way to hide what exactly you are up to. If there is no pronounced action going on, it could easily appear that she is simply and innocently sitting in your lap. Another benefit of the sitting position is that it could be easier for her to reach orgasm as the act will provide more stimulation and pressure to her G spot.

For something quick, it may be better to avoid new sex positions and try something that has been used for public sex by many couples before you: the standing position. If you are in a city, there can be very few places where you and your partner can escape the hustle and bustle. Space is at a premium and finding just a quiet nook and cranny may be your only option. If you are able to find a relatively clean alleyway or just a break between buildings that is hidden from public view, the standing position is one of the best sex positions. Using the wall or a stable structure, you can lift your lover off the ground and have her wrap her legs around you for more support. In addition, standing sex can be done in a small space with the girl facing away from you. Public sex positions and using them in newly explored locations can help keep a couple’s libido fresh and exciting.